I will announce the date of Long March on Sunday in Peshawar: Imran Khan

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that there will be a long march between May 25 and 29, but the final date will be announced on Sunday.
Addressing a rally in Multan on Friday, Imran Khan said, “The loot has been de-seated today, so I have called a core committee in Peshawar on Sunday to decide on the long march.” “I will clarify the day after tomorrow so that there is time for preparation.”

Imran Khan said that no revolution in the world can be successful unless the youth and women of this nation participate in the revolution.
He said that while coming to the meeting, the message came again and again that “your life is in danger.

According to Imran Khan, corrupt and cowardly rulers have frightened us. It is said that you cannot move forward unless you polish American shoes. They knelt before the United States and imprisoned the independence of Pakistan.
He said that once Long March, personalities, blackmailing vulgar language was used, they also made cases of trying to blackmail me. If I had forgiven their cases, I would not have come to run for justice. “
The PTI chief said that Musharraf had given NRO and both of them ran out and then came back.
He asked, “N-League Valve! Answer for God’s sake. Has anyone ever considered a wolf as a leader? ‘

Criticizing the current government, Imran Khan said that those who destroy a system cannot fix it. Now that the government has been found, why is the country not taking over? Sometimes they run to London where there is a convict who makes decisions. ‘
“Give the nation an election date as soon as possible and dissolve the assemblies,” he said.
Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “If the country is not worried, I would like his government to run for a few more months so that it will be more humiliated.” If we think of politics, we will say this government is gone but we are thinking of Pakistan.

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