Punjab Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema has been removed from office

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Shahbaz Sharif says that he has insulted the army. I will give the answer in the meeting of Jhelum tomorrow.
Addressing a meeting of the parliamentary party in Islamabad on Monday, Imran Khan said that “Shahbaz Sharif’s elder brother went abroad and cursed the army, while his daughter does the same.”
Our nation is very brave but corrupt, cowardly and traitors are sitting on us.

The former prime minister said, “I have never seen such passion in the nation before. Allah has awakened the whole nation.” The nation stood without leadership during the floods and earthquakes.
Imran Khan once again paid tribute to the overseas Pakistanis by saying that they work for 18 hours and send money to the country and the corrupt rulers here steal the money and send it to other countries.

Citing flats, he said they live in the most expensive houses in London but did not say where the money came from.
Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif is so cowardly that he started talking against the army when he went out.
Addressing Shahbaz Sharif, he said, “You are the real Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq.”
He said that Shahbaz Sharif along with Donald Low conspired against our government.
Accusing the Sharif family of being liars, he said that he had earlier taken NR from Musharraf and was still taking it.
According to Imran Khan, after leaving the government, it is known who will stand by in difficult times.

Imran Khan, referring to the chanting of slogans against the government delegation in Masjid Nabavi, said, “We don’t even know. We were in the night prayers. Despite this, we were tried.”
He accused Shahbaz Sharif of “killing through police encounters and one killer was made Home Minister”.

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