It would appear that Matthew Hayden, the mentor of the Pakistan cricket team and a former batter for Australia, is likewise pleased by the Pakistan squad's system of chance and fortune.

Matthew Hayden mentioned at a press conference that took place before the first semi-final of the ICCT20 World Cup that is now taking place in Australia that "that day when we were playing the last match, Shadab Khan talked quite effectively."

Matthew Hayden claims that Shadab Khan has told him that he is welcome to play for Pakistan in the cricket league.

"It implies that anything can happen on any given day, and that particular day when the Netherlands beat South Africa was a major occasion for us," added Matthew Hayden. "It was a big moment for us when the Netherlands beat South Africa." Prayed a lot, and the prayers of 23 billion people cannot be in error.'

The Pakistan squad was in danger of being eliminated from the Twenty20 World Cup following their defeat to Zimbabwe on October 27. However, due to the events in Magar and the Netherlands' victory over South Africa, the Pakistan team was able to go to the semi-finals.

When Pakistan competed in the T20 World Cup in 2021, Matthew Hayden served not just as the team's batting coach but also as their mentor. During this World Cup, Matthew Hayden is serving as Pakistan's mentor.

Wednesday at 12:00 local time in Pakistan is when Pakistan's semi-final match vs New Zealand will take place in Sydney.