What are the causes of the rising number of murders occurring when street cricket is played?

What are the causes of the rising number of murders occurring when street cricket is played?

The afternoon of October 16, 2022, was pretty lovely in Islamabad. Ahmed Ali, age 18, began playing cricket with his relatives after praying Asr on a Sector G Seven Two neighborhood near Jinnah Avenue.

A short while after, the ball was scored on by a shot. The neighborhood lads Aneeq and Owais got into a fight with Ahmed and his cousins when they went to get the ball.

They shot handguns at Ahmad Ali and his cousin Haider Ali as the argument got out of hand, killing Ahmad and injuring Haider.

Khalid Pervez, Ahmed Ali's father, claims that Aneeq and Owais, two neighbors, verbally harassed Ahmed as he reached for the ball before opening fire.

The playground has been used as a battleground and a killing field before. Every so often, word that several individuals have died or been hurt as a result of filthy language spoken during the game leaks from some region of Pakistan.

Due to a small mishap, a player died last month during a cricket match in Nowshera. Similarly, during a tape ball cricket tournament in Daska in May of this year, Hamza Butt was slain as a result of resentment.

At least six incidences where individuals were murdered after a little altercation while playing cricket have been recorded in the media since the beginning of the year 2021.

Cricket match organizer Zahid Abbasi comments on this topic, saying that incidences of fights and killings at sporting events make it sad because there are less possibilities for sports and that people become so emotionally tied to them that they experience some highs and lows. Conflict results from fighting, and sometimes lives are lost.

In local level matches, he told Urdu News, arguments and sour words are typical. However, when verbal abuse starts and one party starts firing, the situation gets worrying.

Such occurrences, in the opinion of psychologists, point to a lack of tolerance and tolerance in society.

In an interview with PK Sports, psychologist Dr. Submal Sikandar stated that "extreme measures are used owing to a lack of tolerance in the culture."

He stated that in order to improve the fundamental educational system, it is necessary to identify the factors that lead to all of these instances and raise awareness of them.

Speaking to Urdu News, Qaiser Imam, a legal expert and Ahmed Ali's attorney, stated that incidences like murder after a little argument also point to the emergence of a criminal mindset in our society.


He claims that "drug addiction also contributes to a rise in similar crimes."

According to Qaiser Imam, similar occurrences may be avoided by properly educating the next generation.

He stated that the police had not yet been successful in apprehending the principal culprit in Ahmed's case.

He expressed remorse, noting that "surprise, in this case, the accused's mother led her boys into a dispute over a cricket ball, which ended in the death of a young man."

According to a spokeswoman for Islamabad Police, people have lost patience and the habit of resolving conflicts via discussion is waning. This is in reference to deaths over petty arguments.

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Khalid Pervez, Ahmed's father, is still inconsolably heartbroken. His mother also struggled to recover from the shock of losing her son.

According to the police spokesperson, the police are working to apprehend the suspect as quickly as possible starting on the first day.

The mother of the murder suspect, Roshan Bibi, is being held on judicial remand at Adiala jail, while the other suspect is being held in the custody of Owais police.

He said that arrests for the other suspects were being made as raids were being carried out.

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